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News from the past.

Kinsmen donate $8191.52 to STEGH

The Aylmer Kinsmen were pleased to donate over $8000 to STEGH. Kin pictured here are, from left to right:   Kin Josh Gaudette, President Andy Beck, Kin Stacey Gaudette, Life Member Al Bradford and Kin Doug Waite.

73rd Annual Aylmer Santa Claus Parade

Today is the big day!   The Aylmer Kinsmen gathered at The Family Central Restaurant in order to prepare for the 73rd Annual Aylmer Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade. The weather is beautiful and looks to be staying that way, and we are all set to have another amazing community event.   For all floats, please […]

Welcome to the Gaudettes!

The Aylmer Kinsmen extends their welcome to three new members, all of the Gaudette Family. Kin Jack (younger brother), Kin Stacey (father) and Kin Josh (older brother) joined the club together, after already making a name for themselves in town running Moore Ave. Underground. Welcome aboard!